Our Process

  • Idea

    The Idea. This is where it all begins. That idea that you want to bring to life. The idea that could change everything as you know it.

  • Plan

    The Plan. Get your notes out kids! This is where the strategy of marketing and demographics comes into play to strategize your global takeover.

  • Design

    The Design. This is the fun part! Well, for us this is the fun part. We work hand in hand to bring your idea to life. All those sleepless nights of planning and strategizing is finally coming full circle.

  • Deliver

    The Delivery. This is one of the most important of the stages. The files that we have created will be ready for all your marketing and collateral needs. Built out to specs needed and ready for production.

Who We Are At EDG

The EDG. The Enduro Design Group is a creative agency out of San Diego, CA. Here at the EDG we specialize in agency level creative design.

Development 60%
Design 90%
Marketing 65%
Branding 70%

Some past and present clients

Some snapshots of our work at The EDG